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Neutral Asphalt

The continuous search for materials to improve urban furniture without compromising functionality and performance has found an answer with neutral asphalt. Thanks to the use of a particular binder obtained from traditional bitumen by “subtracting” the molecules that characterize the typical black colour, it is now possible to create conglomerates that leave the natural chromaticity of the aggregates unchanged or obtain any type of colouring with the addition of pigments.


The benefits are countless: very reduced construction sites compared to other architectural stone paving, excellent rolling comfort (cycle paths), increased safety together with the visual aspect and of course the possibility of obtaining different colours that perfectly match the urban context (all this keeping mechanical strength equivalent to that of the black binder).

Neutral asphalt is a product that requires special technical assistance from production to installation, but the various construction sites already built have allowed Pesaresi Giuseppe S.p.a. to develop all the “know-how” necessary to guarantee a perfect work of art.