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The establishment of Pesaresi Giuseppe S.p.A.

It is the completion of a tradition of work in the construction field undertaken by Giuseppe and Primo Pesaresi, two brothers who, at the forefront of their times, have brought innovation and progress in this sector which, in the long run, have proven successful and have determined success.

Strong intuition, resourcefulness, constant process innovation and diversification

these are the elements that led to a rapid evolution, so much so that the Pesaresi Brothers, in 1961, decided to found a first location in San Giuliano Mare in the Province of Rimini. The company initially carried out mainly earthmoving and inert material transport activities, but soon important orders, such as the construction of the Florence-Certosa and Faenza-Forlì motorway section on behalf of the Società Autostrade, expanded and diversified the activity of the company, launching it towards new goals.

In 1968 the Company was registered in the National Builders Register becoming a road construction company, acquiring new prestigious orders, such as the construction of the Piazza di Savignano sul Rubicone and numerous road and motorway lots in Romagna and Marche regions.

These experiences, which multiplied in a short time, represented the basis for a continuous and constant evolution, which prompted Giuseppe and Primo Pesaresi, in their foresight and vision of entrepreneurs, to invest by expanding the structures, acquiring cutting-edge technologies, diversifying the products and the markets. In 1972 the San Giuliano offices were replaced by the headquarters in Via Emilia in Rimini, which can be called the first headquarters of Pesaresi Giuseppe SpA. In 1974 Pesaresi Giuseppe SpA purchased a technologically advanced plant for the production of bituminous conglomerate, a Marini M / 150 ton / h, which in those years represented the maximum technology for the production of bituminous conglomerates.

Laboratorio analisi ditta Pesaresi - Rimini

Laboratorio di ricerca materiali da costruzione

Research Department

Shortly thereafter, the plant was joined by a first research department, to guarantee a high quality product, with high performance in terms of functionality, durability and safety. In a period in which no importance was given to the research and development of new products and new solutions in the construction and road fields, Giuseppe and Primo Pesaresi understood their importance, aware that to be competitive it was necessary to offer a product whose quality expressed first from the building materials.

Once again the two Pesaresi brothers were ahead of their time, guaranteeing a competitive advantage, which materialised with the success of Pesaresi Giuseppe SpA, which we know nowadays.

The genius and entrepreneurial vision of Giuseppe and Primo Pesaresi, together with their tenacity and often the spirit of sacrifice, have given us a company that has exceeded 50 years.

A company with an eye to the future, but with solid roots in the past. Those strong roots that the founders have planted with intelligence and tenacity and that the second generation has consolidated.

Today Pesaresi Giuseppe SpA, with the second generation of entrepreneurs and a renewed manager, continues to be a company attentive to the needs of the market, which invests in growth, in new technologies and qualified personnel, curious and ready to diversify by anticipating future trends.

A company that after 50 years of history, wants to be more and more protagonist of its reference market, just like Giuseppe and Primo Pesaresi had thought of it.