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Architectural CONCRETE

In recent years, we have developed paving that is increasingly sensitive to the aesthetic aspect and decor of urban furniture, working in harmony with private clients, public bodies and design studios.

From these synergies a flexible and customizable technology was born, capable of responding to aesthetic design expectations, without renouncing mechanical performance, exceptional durability, sustainability in the use of local resources, ease of implementation, low cost of construction and the advantage of reduced need for maintenance: this is where Graveconcrete was born.


The paving is integrated into the environment with discretion and harmony thanks to the basic colouring given by the aggregates. In addition to the valuable architectural effect, the paving guarantees excellent performance:

  • Excellent durability being a low porosity, fiber-reinforced product, resistant to freeze / thaw cycles
  • Non-slip, non-deformable under load and resistant to high temperatures and fire
  • Uniform colouring through the use of an efflorescence inhibitor
  • Water-repellent, following application of surface protective

Finally, it allows free creativity, personalising the paving with the choice of natural autochthonous materials and colouring of the matrix.