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Quality materials

Classic and innovative thanks to the plants and to the research and development department.


Rainconcrete is specifically designed to obtain draining floors; specifically excellent for creating paths, parking and parking areas, cycle and pedestrian paths and areas with mixed users and “zone 30”.

Achievable in natural gray colour or coloured according to each customer need.

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Architectural CONCRETE

Graveconcrete was born specifically for the redevelopment of urban furniture within everyone’s reach!
Our team is able to satisfy every aesthetic request, always respecting the technical characteristics of the product.

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Calcestre (Stabilised natural material)

From today it is possible to create ecological paving obtained from the union of inert materials and natural binders. Eliminating dust, potholes and bad roads is easy and cheap.

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Red Asphalt

Whether it’s a cycle path, a private residence, a historic center or a road in the countryside, you can provide added value to the pavement with less visual impact on the surrounding environment simply with red asphalt.

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Neutral Asphalt

Neutral asphalt offers all the advantages of the materials available today to make a paving: the perfect combination between the performance of traditional asphalt and the architectural effect of specially designed products.

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Smooth Asphalt

The unlimited range of designs and colours offers each city and each project its own personalised design that adapts to the surrounding environment, thus adding exclusivity and high decorative quality, adding exclusivity to each work created.

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Track Asphalt

The best technologies, the best materials, the best machinery. When the goal is to achieve such high traction performance, no compromise is possible.

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Splittmastix Asphalt (with possible addition of ELTs)

Splittmastix Asphalt (SMA) wear plays an important role in increasing performance. Its mixing provides an addition to road safety by increasing the traction of the surface thanks to its surface roughness, all projected to a higher temporal durability thanks to the quality of the selected aggregates and the modified bitumen present. Pesaresi Giuseppe Infrastrutture also proposes for this mixture the insertion in the bitumen of end-of-life tires (ELTs) which increase the performance and durability characteristics contributing to the reduction of maintenance interventions, noise and environmental impact. An important offer when the traditional track asphalt is no longer sufficient.

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High Modulus Bituminous Conglomerate

The increase in the load on the flooring has changed and this has led Pesaresi Giuseppe Infrastrutture to seek solutions to be proposed to customer requests by focusing on the use of high modulus bituminous conglomerates.

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