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Splittmastix Asphalt (with possible addition of ELTs)

The continuous and inevitable request for the increase in performance at the level of road pavements and the constant desire for improvement has led Pesaresi Giuseppe Infrastrutture to focus on innovative materials at the performance level.

The Splittmastix Asphalt (SMA)  allows us to provide our customers with an ideal technological solution when the demands impose adherence, durability and resistance performances superior to those obtained by traditional wear.

The high quality of the raw materials, the use of modified bitumen and the granulometric characteristics with a discontinuous curve and a high content of grits and small stones allow to reach a greater mechanical resistance to deformations, a more effective traction given by the surface roughness obtained and a greater durability in time.

Increased performance characteristics if you choose the insertion in the bitumen of end-of-life tires (ELTs) which leads to a further increase in resistance in terms of aging and the formation of cracks thus reducing frequency and maintenance costs.

By also intervening on noise and based on the concept of reuse, it becomes a performance product that also contributes to reducing the environmental impact.