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Curiosity and concreteness are the elements that distinguish our entrepreneurial attitude.

Curiosity pushes us to innovate, to research and experiment with new products and new solutions, to travel through new markets and new trends, attentive to future changes. The concreteness of our roots is the solid foundation on which we carry out our projects.

We promote collaboration and partnership with companies in our sector, convinced that the comparison with dynamic realities such as ours represents a wealth and not a threat, if achieved through a shared value system and with deep respect for the parties.

We work hard to improve the standards of our products and processes and the competence of people, in the belief that success must be built and sustained day by day, in the field. People represent the value at the base of our organizational culture, which we cultivate with continuous training and attention to quality and safety standards, investing continuously.

Gruppo Pesaresi Asfalti

The collaboration with the Engineering faculties of the Universities of Modena and San Marino, leads several undergraduates to develop experimental theses in our Research and Development laboratory and allows us to know talents that often remain in the company. Sign of progress and development, new ideas and new incentive. We continuously follow our customers, collaborating with them in the realisation of the project and in the shared experimentation of new solutions and new materials, thanks to a team of experienced and passionate engineers and to the Research Department, able to develop new solutions.

We are committed to the study of an increasing use of recycled materials in products and works.

A commitment that will always see us at the forefront, convinced that the progressive consumption of natural resources and the accumulation of rubble is not sustainable and that there must be an ever greater affinity between economic and social and environmental objectives.

Our best result is the over 50 years of history of our company, which we feed daily with a great sense of responsibility, with an eye to the future.