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Red Asphalt

Nowadays the coloured asphalts have become part of the public and private furniture, for Pesaresi Giuseppe S.p.A. are the result of careful research on the application of this product.


In particular, the use of red asphalt was used by Pesaresi Giuseppe S.p.A for urban traffic roads, private villas, schools, squares, historic urban sites. On each of these occasions, the intervention has strongly enhanced and re-evaluated the surrounding space, providing new and interesting opportunities to live and appreciate it, as well as increasing visibility and wear resistance.


This particular Conglomerate is in fact made by adding iron oxide in the mixture of a wear mat containing porphyry aggregates which, mixing and integrating with the other materials, makes the conglomerate red. The peculiarity of this product lies in the fact that, unlike other surface treatments, the asphalt is fully coloured in its mass, ensuring chromatic continuity over time and minimizing any maintenance operations.