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High Modulus Bituminous Conglomerate

In recent decades, following a significant increase in traffic volumes on Italian roads consisting mainly of commercial traffic, it has come to the need to make an assessment to look for more performance technical solutions.

L’aumento del carico sulle pavimentazioni è cambiato e questo ha portato la Pesaresi Giuseppe Infrastrutture a ricercare soluzioni da proporre alle richieste del cliente puntando sull’utilizzo di conglomerati bituminosi ad alto modulo.

Compared to pavements with traditional bitumen, this choice leads to an increase in resistance to fatigue, cracking and permanent deformations since the use of these special bitumen in the mixtures ensures that the bituminous conglomerate layer discharges the stresses coming from vehicular traffic , on the substrate on larger areas and with lower intensities, considerably reducing the occurrence of those cracking and deformation phenomena that damage the stratigraphy of the road package.