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Building and demolition material renovation plant

Non-hazardous waste storage / storage activities

In favour of environmental sustainability

Pesaresi Giuseppe SpA is authorised for the storage / storage of non-hazardous waste, referred to in types 7.1 and 7.6 of the Ministerial Decree 05.02.1998.

On the basis of this authorization, the company is able to accept the delivery of rubble by the builders and milled products from the road construction site and to recycle them through a special system that carries out the selection, crushing and sieving of these materials.

This process allows to transform the rubble and the milled material into a secondary raw material, reusable in the production cycle.

The process of reintroducing recycled materials into production cycles is one of the activities that Pesaresi Giuseppe SpA conducts in favor of environmental sustainability, convinced that the progressive consumption of natural resources and the accumulation of rubble is not sustainable and that there must be a increasing affinity between economic and social and environmental objectives.

For this reason, much of the work done by the Research and Development Laboratory, also with the collaboration of the engineering faculties of the Universities of Modena and San Marino, goes in this direction.

Building and demolition material renovation plant

Recupero materiali da costruzione