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Track Asphalt

For the construction and creation of an asphalt there are precise technical standards and strict requirements to be observed and scrupulously respected, but sometimes it happens that these are overshadowed and that performance takes over.

Misano World Circuit

This was the challenge that Pesaresi Giuseppe S.p.a. she caught in 2015, when it found itself making the track asphalt of Misano World Circuit.

The goal was clear, to use a highly innovative material for this type of application and that privileged a fundamental parameter for use on the track: the traction.

The product development process was laborious: from the careful choice of raw materials to their dosage, from the most sophisticated laboratory tests to those of full-scale production, it took more than ten attempts, but in the end the target was achieved.

The evidence of this success is the lap times that have gone down in each category has competed on this new asphalt.