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Bituminous conglomerate plant

Production capacity of 260 tons / hour

Pesaresi Giuseppe S.P.A.

It has a plant for the production of bituminous conglomerates of the Marini company, with a production capacity of 260 tons / hour, of the discontinuous type, equipped with 12 supply tanks for the aggregates, 2 feed tanks for the milled product, storage silos for the filler and bag filter for dust reduction and recovery.

The maintenance and updating of the plant with the latest technologies are constant (software update, lines for recycling materials, probes for detecting temperature, etc.), so as to guarantee maximum product quality, optimisation of production capacity and environmental sustainability.

The plant is constantly supported by the Research and Development Department.

One of the main strengths of Pesaresi Giuseppe SpA is, in fact, the control of the entire production cycle. From the creation of the recipe, through laboratory tests on the selection and behavior of raw materials, to the rigorous tests on the final product, which certify its functionality, resistance over time and safety.

The control of the entire production cycle has made it possible to acquire know-how capable of experimenting with new products, optimizing traditional ones, improving them over time, and supporting the customer in choosing the right product for the best performance on site.

In fact, we help customers, both road companies and designers in selecting the best product for their specific need, starting from the selection of raw materials in the laboratory, for the definition (often shared) of the recipe, up to the production of test samples for tests, of which we analyze the parameters before going into production.

We have repeatedly shared special projects with our customers, which required coloured or smooth asphalt to enhance a particular urban furniture or special mix designs for racetracks and airport runways, with very high resistance and traction to guarantee safety, durability and performance, up to solving problems specific such as noise, through the application of sound-absorbing asphalts.

Production capacity of the plant

Finally, the production capacity of the plant (260 tons / hour) allows you to continuously supply construction sites that need important and constant quantities of bituminous conglomerate. This ability, together with the flexibility of our way of working, guarantee continuity of supply 24 hours a day.